Education Assistance

UPHWO believes that education is a fundamental human right and a key factor for social and economic development. We support the education of children, youth, and adults in Burundi, especially those who are affected by poverty, conflict, displacement, or marginalization. We have four main programs that aim to:

  • Promote early child development: We provide integrated services for children under five and their caregivers, such as early stimulation, nutrition, health, protection, and psychosocial support. We also train parents and community members on the importance of early childhood care and education.
  • Provide education aid: We facilitate access to quality and inclusive education for children and youth, from primary to secondary level. We offer scholarships, school kits, uniforms, and transportation to the most vulnerable students. We also improve the learning environment and the teaching quality in schools, by providing infrastructure, creating and equipping with books libraries, equipment, materials, and training.
  • Support education in humanitarian emergencies: We ensure the continuity and safety of education for children and youth affected by crises, such as natural disasters, violence, or displacement. We establish and manage temporary learning spaces, provide emergency education supplies, and implement psychosocial and recreational activities. We also advocate for the protection and integration of displaced and refugee children in the education system.
  • Strengthen UPHWO capacity building center: We operate a center that offers professional skills enhancement and language courses for youth and adults, such as English, French, computer, and entrepreneurship. The center is accredited by the Ministry of National Education and Scientific Research and aims to improve the employability and income generation of the learners.

How you can help

You can join us in our fight for good health in Burundi by:

Donating to support our programs and activities. Your contribution will help us reach more people in need and save more lives.

Volunteering with us to share your skills and expertise. You can work with us in the field, in the office, or online, depending on your availability and preferences.

Spreading the word about our work and the situation in Burundi. You can follow us on social media, subscribe to our newsletter, or invite your friends and family to learn more about us and our cause.

Together, we can make a difference for the people of Burundi and create a healthier and happier future for them.

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