UPHWO is committed to sharing the news and stories of our work and impact in Burundi, as well as the voices and experiences of our partners and beneficiaries. We have three main categories of news and stories, which are:

  • National stories: These are the stories that highlight the national and regional context and challenges of Burundi, and the role and contribution of UPHWO in addressing them. These stories also showcase the achievements and best practices of UPHWO, and the recognition and appreciation of our work by the authorities, the media, and the public.
  • Our daily work stories: These are the stories that illustrate the daily work and activities of UPHWO, and the challenges and opportunities we face in the field. These stories also feature the testimonies and perspectives of our staff and volunteers, who share their insights and learnings from their work with UPHWO.
  • Stories from beneficiaries: These are the stories that capture the stories and experiences of our beneficiaries, who are the people and communities we serve and support in Burundi. These stories also demonstrate the impact and change that UPHWO has made in their lives and well-being, and the hopes and aspirations they have for their future.

How we share

We share our news and stories through various channels and platforms, such as:

  • Our website: You can visit our website to read our latest news and stories, and to browse our archive of previous news and stories. You can also subscribe to our newsletter, to receive our news and stories directly in your email inbox.
  • Our social media: You can follow us on social media, such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and YouTube, to see our news and stories in different formats, such as photos, videos, and podcasts. You can also interact with us and our followers, by liking, commenting, and sharing our posts.
  • Our events: You can join us in our events, such as workshops, seminars, conferences, and exhibitions, where we present and discuss our news and stories, and where we invite our partners and beneficiaries to share their news and stories. You can also meet and network with us and other stakeholders, and learn more about our work and impact.

How you can contribute

You can contribute to our news and stories by:

  • Sharing your news and stories with us: If you are a partner or a beneficiary of UPHWO, or if you have witnessed or experienced our work and impact, you can share your news and stories with us, by sending us an email, a message, or a video. We would love to hear from you and to feature your news and stories on our channels and platforms.
  • Spreading the word about our news and stories: You can help us reach more people and raise more awareness about our work and impact, by spreading the word about our news and stories. You can do this by telling your friends and family about us and our cause, by sharing our news and stories on your social media, or by writing a blog or an article about us and our work.

Together, we can make our news and stories more visible and more powerful, and inspire more people and communities to join us and support us in our mission. Thank you for your interest and involvement.

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