We are grateful to our partners who support our mission of improving the lives of children, women, and vulnerable people in Burundi and beyond. Our partners include a diverse range of actors who share our vision of a more humane and sustainable world.

Our main partner is the Government of the Republic of Burundi, which is the constitutional, multiparty republic with an elected government that governs the country. The government of Burundi supports UPHWO in promoting peace, democracy, and social development in the country. We work closely with various ministries, working groups, and clusters to coordinate our interventions and align them with the national priorities and policies.

We also work with national and international partners who provide us with funding, technical assistance, and strategic guidance for our programs and projects. These partners include UN agencies, bilateral and multilateral donors, foundations, corporations, and NGOs. Some of the areas that we collaborate on are child protection, education, health, nutrition, gender-based violence prevention, women’s empowerment, and livelihoods.

Additionally, we partner with local associations who are the grassroots organizations that represent the communities we serve. These associations are our key allies in implementing our activities, mobilizing the beneficiaries, and ensuring the sustainability and ownership of our results. We value their knowledge, experience, and feedback, and we strive to build their capacities and empower them as agents of change.

If you want to join our network of partners and contribute to our cause, please contact us today. We would love to hear from you and explore the possibilities of working together.

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