Women and Youth Empowerment

UPHWO believes that women and youth are key agents of change and development in Burundi. We support the empowerment of women and girls, and the participation and leadership of youth, in various domains such as education, health, economic, social, and political. We have two main programs that aim to:

  • Empower women and girls: We promote the rights and opportunities of women and girls, and address the challenges and barriers they face, such as gender-based violence, discrimination, and lack of access to resources and services. We provide women and girls with life skills, sexual and reproductive health education, legal aid, and psychosocial support. We also support their economic empowerment, by offering vocational training, microfinance, and entrepreneurship opportunities. We also advocate for the inclusion and representation of women and girls in decision-making processes, at all levels of society.
  • Empower youth: We foster the potential and aspirations of youth, and enhance their role and voice in the development of their communities and country. We provide youth with quality education, skills development, career guidance, and mentorship. We also facilitate their access to employment and professional reintegration, by linking them with employers, partners, and networks. We also encourage their civic engagement and social innovation, by supporting their initiatives and projects, and by creating platforms for dialogue and collaboration with other stakeholders.

How we help

We are United Partners for Humanitarian Welfare (UPHWO), a non-governmental organization that works to improve the lives and well-being of people in Burundi, especially those affected by poverty, conflict, displacement, or marginalization. We have four main programs that aim to:

  • Women/Girls empowerment: We empower women and girls to achieve their full potential and to claim their rights and dignity. We provide them with education, health, protection, and economic opportunities, and we advocate for their inclusion and participation in society.
  • Youth empowerment programs: We empower youth to become active and responsible citizens and leaders. We provide them with education, skills, employment, and civic opportunities, and we support their creativity and innovation.
  • Burundi Kids Got Talent program: We celebrate and nurture the talents and passions of children and youth in Burundi. We organize an annual talent show, where children and youth can showcase their abilities and talents in various categories, such as music, dance, art, sports, and academics. We also provide them with training, coaching, and exposure, and we reward the winners with prizes and scholarships.


  • Youth Employability and Professional reintegration: We enhance the employability and professional reintegration of youth in Burundi. We offer them career guidance, skills development, job placement, and entrepreneurship support. We also facilitate their access to information, resources, and networks, and we link them with potential employers, partners, and mentors.
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